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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Study shows we're happier before a vacation than after one

I was reading Parade this weekend while chilling in Grafton and there was a "happiness quiz." (at least I think it was Parade, could have been USA Today) The quiz read: You are happiest - a) one month before a vacation, b)on a vacation, or c) after a vacation. And the answer was (a).

According to a Dutch study (from about a year ago), researchers found that people get more excited about the anticipation leading up to a trip than the actual trip itself sometimes. This happiness can extend weeks/months before the trip.

On top of this, the study also found that when the person comes back they are no more or less happy than someone who did not take a trip at all. Weird.'s exactly one month until my N./Ire/Eng/Ice-land trip...and, yeah, I guess I'm pretty happy. That may start to dwindle if all of the exchange rates don't start going in my favor a bit, though.


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