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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shaving Cream Pie Thrown at Murdoch

In case you hadn't heard, because you don't have CNN and/or live under a rock, tycoon Rupert Murdoch had a pie thrown at his face today.
The white foam throwing culprit has now been identified as a comedian and, he may not realize it, but of all his possible pie-throwing options, I think he took the less messy one.
You may recollect I have some experience with pies in my face (I volunteered to have one thrown at me in May). The pie at the circus was similar to the one thrown at Murdoch because it was made of shaving cream.
From my experience (since I've also had whipped cream pies thrown at me too....don't ask), the shaving cream pies are actually a lot easier to clean up from your body than the whipped cream pies. While a real pie or a whipped cream pie may be tastier, the shaving cream pie is not as sticky and comes out of your hair (though Murdoch doesn't have a lot of this) easier and does not have as weird a smell.
All this kinda reminded me of the 2008 Iraq shoe throwing episode with Bush. Only Bush actually ducked. One of the smartest moves he made while in office, I'd say.
I'd also say....why do all the cool things like this happen abroad? I want to go to a press conference or trial with shoe and pie throwing.


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