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Friday, July 8, 2011

London Bombings, has it been six years already?

Akin to the 9/11 attack memorials...that have already started and we'll see more of come September...London just paid tribute to those 52 who lost their lives in the 7/7/05 London Underground bombings in Aldgate, Edgeware Road, Russell Square, and a city bus. About 700 commuters were injured in total.
This hit home for me for a few reasons. Mainly because I literally used some of these lines daily when I studied in London in 2004. Kings Cross, which may be familiar to Harry Potter geeks out there, was where the four suicide bombers started from in the system and I went through that station every day on the Piccadilly Line.
I was lucky in that the last time I had been there was a year prior to the attack, many were not so lucky. But even that felt way too close for my liking. It was downright weird to think what might have happened if I had been there...
(And, speaking of Harry Potter) While the memorial for this was in the morning on Thursday, the world premiere red carpet show of the final chapter of the saga was that evening in England. I, personally, might have rescheduled it but....I guess we all need our ways to keep our minds off real dark things and on fictional ones instead.


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