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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A unique film experience comes to the Capital District

I got to preview something called a D-Box today. I have to say, whoever named it should have thought it about it more. Whenever I think of D-Box I think D-Bag. But I D-igress...(ha,ha)
As I sat next to the Times Union's Steve Barnes - popcorn in hand and water bottle in my over sized cupholder - I wasn't really sure what to expect at the Rotterdam Mall Theatre.
There was a brief visual introduction to the large, red chair which explained there was a panel to control the intensity of the "experience" which would include jilts, tilts, vibrations, and some heaving - of the chair (no one got motion sickness, though I do wonder if that could become a problem).
Our first demo had some fast movements in the latest edition of The Fast and the Furious. I had my intensity level all the way up and felt a lot of vibrating with the scene involving an 18-wheeler and Vin Diesel's crew trying to hijack the cargo. I found it interesting that the vibrations stopped completely when the scene quieted down and then heavy vibrations started back up with the continuation of the scene - which ended with Vin being stuck between a turned over truck and enflamed truck tumbling down a hill toward him. It was cool.
The next demo was with The Polar Express. It began with Tom Hanks explaining to two children that they were at the front of an out of control train about to go down the steepest part of the railway system. I liked the lead up to this and the slight tilt and good vibrations at the climax were pretty awesome.
I liked the D-Box seat for The Polar Express roller coaster-like scene but not as much in the Fast Five car chase.
But, if nothing else, you walk away paying $8 extra for a decent massage and a unique experience since this is the only theatre of its kind in the state, with the closest D-Boxes in New Jersey.
(The new D-Box seats can be reserved for the Harry Potter midnight premier, and other showings following that, on The seats are $16.50 for adults and $13.75 for kids.)


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