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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Beautiful Day for a Trip to the Canal

While I love my job, there are days where things get very hectic (ie 9am press conference, 10:30am Five Questions interview, attend school graduation at 2pm, write three stories, go to 6:30pm meeting).
And even though my day Tuesday, when I went up to Mechanicville and Stillwater, was one of these over-scheduled days, it didn't feel like it. And that's probably because my job that day included touring around Lock 4 on the Champlain Canal and then taking a 1.5 hour boat ride on the 110-year-old Tug Urger.
Water in general is a soothing and healing thing. Then, you add a boat and you're really having fun.
I had my lunch at the lock as I waited for the Tug Urger and checked out the cool/old infrastructure and picturesque setting adjacent to an island near Stillwater in the Hudson River.
The ride's highlights included a sighting of two very big eagles (not sure if they were bald or golden eagles), meeting three very knowledgeable and friendly crew members, and firing off question after question about the tug, built at the turn of the 20th century. I'm writing an article about it today too.
I guess my point is, though, that if you haven't gone to check out the canals, locks,etc you really should. The Canal Corporation has picnic tables, kayak launches and the information kiosks nearby for both the boaters' and visitors' convenience.
I remember, as a kid, my dad would take my siblings and I to the Erie Canal locks near Rome, NY whenever we'd go back to visit his family. I didn't quite understand why the canal was cool then, I do.


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