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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm disappointed, Vancouver.

I love hockey as much as the next guy (or girl in my case) but...I really expected better from you, Vancouver.

While I have not yet visited your city - on my to-do list - I really would have thought that this action would come from Boston. In fact, after they won the World Series it did come from Boston.

I understand that the last (several) games in the Stanley Cup finals were kind of a let down for everyone and you're probably disappointed. But injuring 150 some people, rioting, flipping over cars, and the like are never the way. Who do you think you are, Albany Keg-n-Eggers?

Now, go sit in the corner of the country and think about what you've done....oh, you're already there. Well, then, stay there. And no hockey for you least August.

(photo from here)


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