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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hooters opens/Broadway Joe's closes

I was just watching Megamind, the movie with Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt as a bad guy and good guy in an animated mainly-for-kids-but-also-entertaining-for-adults film. One of the main themes in the production was that there is always a ying and yang/good and evil.

Or, as demonstrated this week, where God closes a bar....he opens a Hooters.

My roomies had a Groupon for Broadway Joe's in Albany, the bar right near the Times Union Center, and they figured they would use it at a trivia night recently advertised. They went to the South Pearl Street establishment and found out that the place is slated to close Saturday (June 18). Not only this, but they were also not doing trivia.

I guess the place will be renovated and reopened as a Wolf's 1-11. I haven't looked into this too much myself, yet, so I don't know details.

But, I will say that I was never very impressed with Broadway Joe's. It has a prime location and yet it's almost dead before events/games. I think a Wolf's 1-11, especially if it also has a games room, will fit in well in its stead.

And, back on Wolf Road, Hooters has finally opened. I remember when I first heard the rumors of its triumphant return while waiting in line to pay for a bridesmaid dress at David's Bridal in January. A (very) random place to hear about such things, but nonetheless, you can't really beat such an estrogen-filled business for gossip.

And now, six months later, the rumors have become reality. The grand opening was tonight (Thursday). I hope they bring back the old trivia games they had (maybe even the old teams like the Lynch's Mob will return too) and this could fill the trivia gap Broadway Joe's is leaving. Ying and Yang forming a balance, right?

There photo, by the way, came from here.


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