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Thursday, June 16, 2011

With good business, comes issues with parking on River Street in Troy

I was at Brown's Brewing Co. Wednesday night (former Taproom, former Troy Brew Pub) on River Street in Troy. My friend I was meeting there informed me that the large parking lot adjacent to Brown's is now charging $5 per car.

My understanding is that the lot is part of the Hadley property, with the Hadley building not too far away.

Really, it makes perfect business sense to do this. Before 4pm on weekdays, people still need to pay to park on the streets with the new-ish meters (that will soon grace Albany streets too). The municipal lot near Ryan's Wake, free without a permit on nights/weekends, usually fills up pretty quickly. And, if you're going to Dinosaur BBQ, you can almost forget about parking in their lot if it's a peak meal time.

Though, there is the Uncle Sam parking garage. Maybe it's just me but, parking garages kinda sketch me out. Even if they too are free on nights and weekends.

But, I may change my tune.

With limited parking in this up and coming area (some street parking is lost right now too due to exterior construction at Revolution Hall), Hadley could make a pretty penny from the people out and about and looking for parking.

Business is obviously up in the area - Brown's deck now even has those beepers to tell you when your table is ready - and it's only going to improve with Bomber's coming.

Some might just pay out the $5 (which I hear they are taking in cash or credit) and others might just walk a couple blocks from the parking garage.

I, personally, hope Don Boyajian does tear down the buildings he owns next to the future Bomber's and create a parking lot - and then not charge for it.


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