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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who needs Geico?

As you may or may not know, I am moving to Troy by the end of the month. I'm wicked excited to say the least (so much so I've resorted to beach slang to show my enthusiasm...totally tubular).
Along with the excitement of living in an old brick row house - finally escaping the cookie-cutter confines of my last two apartments in Albany and Brunswick - I realized I would also be saving money in gas since I plan to walk to work more since I'll only be a mile away from The Record anyway.
Well, this close proximity to work has gained me an advantage in the contest of saving money on car insurance - an ever-present conflict demonstrated through an infinite amount of TV and radio ads.
I called my insurance provider today (Ameriprise) to update them on my upcoming change of address and by the end of the phone call I had a new insurance quote - which is about 10 percent cheaper than my current policy. All from moving closer to my work and planning to get a bit of exercise in the process.
I look forward to spending those savings on other other bills, and maybe a couple beers in Ireland.
I'd recommend you check with your own insurance providers to make sure they know how close/far away you are from work and if that might impact the premium.


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