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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Mystery of the Disappearing Lark St Pub

I'm confused.

And I don't mean to step on Steve Barnes or Average Joe's toes....but.... one of my favorite restaurants in Albany - Tandoor Palace on Lark Street - became Lark Street Pub over the winter. I was sad when I found out but I came to terms with it and started going to Gandhi down the road instead (it was a bit more expensive but, ya know, I dealt with it).

Then, I drive by the site at 423 Madison, at the corner with Lark Street, and the Tandoor Palace sign is back up. This was a couple weeks ago.

I got so excited. But, at the same time, was confused and skeptical. I had spoken with the state Liquor Authority a few weeks prior about the spot while researching an article. They said the business failed to do some simple paperwork so technically their liquor license did not transfer over to the new pub name. It was simple to fix and I assumed it would be soon after it was brought up.

But, I followed up with the SLA when I saw the Indian restaurant sign back up. According to the Liquor Authority, the business had communicated to them that they had no intention to renew their license and their license ended at the start of June. To paraphrase the SLA official, the business led the state to believe that they were going to close.

I went by the restaurant tonight, to see if maybe they were selling food but not drinks, and I found a sign on the door: "Closed for Renovations" (or was it "Reconstruction"? Hm...I should have written it down).

In any case, they are obviously gutting the site.

When/If they reopen, I kinda hope they go back to the Indian restaurant. Lark has enough pubs. But a place that has a good peshwari naan, now that's hard to find.


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