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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy 100th post!

I started this blog nearly one year ago. A lot has happened in that time - I added 8,899 miles to my car's odometer on a cross country road trip, I went to Cape Cod for the second time but for the first time with a guy I love, and I almost lost my snoeshoe boot in a apparently-not-completely-frozen lake. Not sure if I blogged about that last one, but I might save that for a mid-summer post when I need to think of colder times.

In the beginning, I was less than enthusiastic to start a blog. It just seemed like everyone had one and I'm not one to do what everyone else is doing.

But, I have to admit, it's been fun and still is fun.

I think it took a while for me to find my blog voice, it's slightly different than my news reporter persona or even what I post on Facebook and Twitter. (And it took even longer for me to figure out how to arrange photos and do links) Now that I found my blog voice, I don't think I can actually escape it nor do I want to.

I appreciate being in the blog community - maybe we'll do a joint party with the TU bloggers in the future. Maybe.

And I love hearing from readers when I do....I've been stopped at Alive at Five a couple times about posts, I know of at least one business contemplating a move suggested in my writing, and there's been a few times when I'll be talking with people about something and they'll realize the information they're relaying was actually originally from my blog.

It's pretty cool.

So, keep reading and I'll keep typing. Deal?

(On a side note, my 100th post coincides nicely with my 1/2 birthday. Also, cool. hehe)


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