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Friday, June 10, 2011

Experiencing “America’s Fort” In a Day

It's Friday...and you know what that means....I'm being bombarded by news (I had to wake up earlier than usual today, which isn't really that early for people with normal schedules, to try to see a racing pigeon and go to the Red, White, and Blue Day in Troy). On top of this, I have rewrites up the waaazooo. I'm too nice and can't say no to my PR friends. *le sigh*

Anyway, my new friend Lauren Grimaldi wrote this awesome blog (so I wouldn't have to today hehe) and I'd like to share. I'm heading up to the Ticonderoga-ish area this weekend to go hiking so I'll hopefully have a nice story from that too, even though it's supposed to

K, on with the blog....

With the beginning of summer approaching, finding an affordable, fun day trip was top of mind. For a family of 4 or 5, airfare, trains, & buses could cost an arm and a leg. So with a budget in mind and the fear of “cabin fever”, I sought out day trips that were reasonable and fun for the family.

Traveling North, I took the scenic drive from the Capital District to the Adirondacks, and there rested on the edge of the mountain, all on its own was Fort Ticonderoga! I drove into the Fort on a long path lined with tall trees and the grounds where five battles and two wars had been fought.

Blue waters and green forests from Lake Champlain and the Mountains made a lasting first impression. As I made my way into Fort Ticonderoga, I was greeted by the interpretive staff and became immersed in the history that lied there. I quickly realized that Fort Ticonderoga has a lot to offer its visitors. Not only is it a place for history buffs, but for families and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

For those who are fascinated by history, this is one of North America’s most significant and historical sites. First built by the French during the French & Indian War, it has a long history of being a strategic location due to its complex controlling passage on Lake Champlain and Lake George.

It made its mark in the American Revolution as it became “America’s first victory” as Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen, and the Green Mountain Boys captured it in 1775 from the British troops. The artifacts and largest 18th century artillery collection in North America was remarkable. If that isn’t interesting enough, Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and also Ben Franklin, to name a few, stood where I stood!

After my brief history exploration, I discovered the many other opportunities that visitors can do at Fort Ticonderoga. Open daily is their newest exhibit, the Art of War, where fifty of the Fort’s most significant paintings, photos and artifacts are on display in one pivotal collection. As for children, they can tour the barracks, watch musket demonstrations, and see first-hand the daily lives of the soldiers. Weekends offer an array of events throughout the season.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Fort Ticonderoga offers over 2,000 acres to explore including the Kings Garden. This enormous brick-walled garden is impeccably landscaped full of Lavender, Peony, Lilies, Iris’, Poppies, Snapdragons, and more. These flowers infused the garden with an aroma that gives visitors a place for relaxation and to enjoy the beautiful flowers.
After all the exploring, I had worked up an appetite. What could be more perfect, The Log House onsite restaurant overlooking Lake Champlain which offers visitors breakfast, lunch, and desserts. Picnic areas are also available.

It was a day trip I wouldn’t forget. It had all I could possibly want. Beautiful scenery? Check. Food? Check. Close Proximity? Check. History? Check. Live entertainment? Check. Budget friendly? Check.

Fort Ticonderoga, “America’s Fort” located at Rt.74 East/100 Fort Ti Rd, Ticonderoga, NY. For more info visit<>

(on a side note: I'm having technical difficulties with the photo she took - which is beautiful. I'll work on this...)


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