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Friday, June 24, 2011

Checking out others' travels...

As both a hiking and travel enthusiast, this blog from the Times Union's The Outdoors makes me so completely jealous.
It made me think of my June 2004 train trip through Switzerland into Zurich. Going through the Alps was amazing.
The only hike I've done that compares with that beauty (green pastures, wildflowers, snow capped mountains) was when I did the Conundrum Hot Springs hike in Aspen (which also had a nude bather or two). That was 18-miles round trip - and we did it in one day even though there are camping grounds at the end - but it was soooo worth it when we got to the springs and had a nice long soak.
Made me wish the Adirondacks had more subsurface volcanic activity so we'd have hot springs like that too.
Getting back to the blog (by Gillian Scott and Herb Terns), the photos were just great too - one is borrowed on this blog - and I liked the narrative.
But I do have one correction - bungee jumping was actually invented in New Zealand. Though, I totally agree that Australians are fearless, globetrotting people. But, they don't much like being mistaken for the Kiwis.


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