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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nude Beach Near Capital District

(Now I have your attention, right?)
Let me preface this post by the heck have I lived here for nearly 28 years and not known there was a nude beach just 3.5 hours away?
So, one of my friends (who wishes to remain anonymous) went to a beach on Sandy Hook, New Jersey where there was the option to bathe and sunbathe in the buff. My friend opted not to, but her male friend and the rest of the beach were pretty much naked, she said.
The beach is called Gunnison. While it is on Sandy Hook in New Jersey, it should not be mistaken for the Sandy Hook beach - where you would likely be arrested for swimming nude.
The difference in all this is that Gunnison is a nationally-run beach, so when the state passed a law in 1999 prohibiting municipal and state beaches from allowing nude activities, Gunnison beach was able to remain as it was since it didn't fall under that jurisdiction. (yay!)
During the summer, there's a $10 charge for cars, fyi.
A small price to pay for the experience, in my opinion.
As for local (legal) nudist beaches....I'll need to investigate that topic further, through personal research if need be.


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