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Monday, June 27, 2011

I need a little travel chaos in my life

I admit I may plan out a bit too much to do when I'm on vacation. Just a bit.
It used to be because I only had a week, or two weeks of vacation time to play with. But, now, I have three weeks and I'm still doing it.
I think I've come to the conclusion that I need (just a bit of) chaos in my life - which probably also explains my being a reporter.
Though, in my defense, there are other factors. For my trip to Ireland for example, I'm doing a literal whirlwind self-driven tour of the Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, Cliffs of Moher, Giants Causeway, and Dublin. So whirlwind, one day I plan to sleep only five hours then drive 11 hours.
Couple reasons this is happening: 1) Less days paying for an expensive rental car, 2) Less money paid for lodging/food, and 3) The plane ticket was cheaper for flying that Wednesday/Thursday instead of going a day earlier so I'd have more time there before the wedding. I'm a cheap, chaotic monkeybutt it seems. And I'm ridicules. Like I said, I admit that.
Even last year, I felt kinda bad at parts of the cross-country road trip when I'd drag Adam and Jess out of bed at 6am to make sure we'd be on schedule for the next stop. Sometimes we really didn't get enough sleep, and sometimes we weren't completely not-hungover. But, it all worked out. And that's how I feel this trip will be too.
It'll be busy, it'll be rushed. But it will also be fun and with amazing scenery.
Then I get to relax a bit when I get to Iceland - well, if your definition of relax means going straight to a geothermal spa from the airport to make sure I have time to do two other bus trips during the rest of my stay....


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