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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Polish Night in Cohoes

Since Average Joe totally used a possible post topic for my blog, I'm going to use one that he could have used for his blog - which also kinda ties in with the Cowabunga mission as well. I guess food and travel go hand-in-hand really.
So, this Friday (July 8) from 4pm to 7pm the Cohoes Farmers' Market is hosting a Polish Night with authentic Polish cuisine and Polish Music. Gotta love polka.
Considering the large Polish population in Cohoes, and the surrounding area, I would think this would be pretty good. I've yet to go to Poland but that's on my list - as is eating my way through it.
Or, if you prefer to stick around Troy, check out this place. I have been there and it's soooooo gooood.


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