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Friday, July 8, 2011

Jersey Shore, sans Snooki

So, one of my friends has planned a trip to the Jersey Shore and I was cool enough to get an invite.
This may come as a surprise but I have never actually been to any New Jersey beaches. I've barely even been to New Jersey - just to see Live Earth in 2007 (actually we just passed its anniversary) and I drive through en route to other places.
As my boyfriend can tell you, my aim is to experience everything, ever, on Earth. So, I kinda want to see what all this hubub is about the Jersey Shore that has sparked annual family vacations and reality shows, most notably...The Jersey Shore (which is now in Florence, oddly enough).
If I had my way, I'd go down with my friend and her kids, stay in the quasi-beachside property for several days (it's 1.5 blocks from the beach), check out Ocean City (since I've only been to Maryland's and not New Jersey's) and maybe go to Atlantic City since my co-worker Sue keeps telling me good things about it.
But, with four weddings coming up including two out of state and one out of country, I'm not sure about my finances for this. *le sigh*
I guess I can't do everything.....well, not at once anyway. But, let me see where everything stands after the bachelorette party this weekend where I'll also experience something new but I can't say what yet since the bride-to-be has no clue and I'm proud I've kept the secret for this long....


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