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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Places (inside and outside) to Stay Cool

Aside from the cooling stations in the area that have been set up (some of them even have TVs), there are other places to enjoy summer, people watch and stay cool at the same time. I love multi-tasking.

Your public library: The Upper Hudson Library system has branches in Troy, Lansingburgh, Cohoes, multiple locations in Albany,etc. The libraries are free, have internet/computer access, DVDs, CDs, some have iPads, and fishing poles (at Cohoes). Oh, yeah...and books too. A lot of those.

The concourse of the Empire State Plaza: I realized while driving under the plaza the other day that there is an extreme difference when you're underground (kinda like going to Howe Caverns where the temperature is a constant 40-something degrees). Only at the concourse, you can get food, go to the gym at the Y, and do a lot of people watching. The State Museum is right nearby too.

The mall: Whether it's Crossgates, Colonie, Latham, or Rotterdam, there's a decent amount of malls in the area which are all air conditioned and have a wide variety of stores and access to the movie theatres - another good place to go when it's hot out.


The Adirondacks: When in doubt, head north. I remember all my trips up to my alma mater at SLU from Troy always included about a 10-degree difference in temperature. You'll find at least that when going into the mountains themselves. It'll still be hot for a hike but...not As hot. Plus, you can cool off in a mountain spring. Can't get much colder than that.

Area beaches: There are a lot of beaches in the Capital District - Snyders Lake, Sand Lake Town Beach, Grafton Lakes State Park, Brunswick Town Beach, Cherry Plains - all within a 25 minute drive from Troy/Albany. And that's not including the natural beaches along the Hudson River. But, with all the dredging upstream, that's really a swim at your own risk situation.

Municipal pools: There are also a lot of pools that your tax dollars pay for in Troy, Cohoes, Albany, Watervliet. Fees may apply, which is silly since your money is already paying for the pool,'s cheaper than running your own pool at your house.

Parks: Whether it's Thatcher Park with a slight elevation change or Frear Park with a sprinkler system in the playground, parks are another good heatwave place to be.

One place it's a good idea not to go during a heat wave: Alive at Five - with a lot of people no shade, and very expensive drinks, this is probably the last place someone should go or bring their kids. But....I'm going there later today anyway to see Kansas.


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