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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dangerous Water Hole in Hawaii

I was reading that a popular Kauai swimming hole has claimed the lives of at least five visitors in the past five years, with two of them in the past seven months.

The place is called Kipu Falls.

It seems people will jump/dive in from 20 feet above the water level and then they possibly get sucked in from a current under the water. That's just scary.

And this is not including the number of people injured from the rocks, spraining their ankles and even getting rope burn.

I know we all have this vision of a perfect waterfall with a perfect swimming hole in a tropical locale but I don't think this particular paradise in Hawaii is worth the risk.

Another thing not worth the risk? Climbing over a safety barrier at Yosemite National Park.

I heard on the TV (yes, as described before I can't see the TV at work) that three hikers are now missing after going over a waterfall in California's Yosemite park. NBC's Channel 13 reported that a couple went over the barrier to get a better view and then fell over the ledge into the water. Then, a third person went in to rescue them and also has not been found. This happened yesterday (Tuesday) and the search for them continues today.

What have we learned today, folks? Natural water holes bad. Water Slide World good.

Just kidding. I fully encourage people to check out swimming holes. (I also recently heard about a natural water slide in New Mexico. Cool!) Just be careful.


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