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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A driving directions site for international travel

Until about a month ago, I had never heard of via michelin. And now, I would like to spread the word about the Website which not only gives you directions for places on other continents than North America but also gives you gas price estimates and toll figures.
The site literally has countries from A to Z (Albania to Zimbabwe). I found it while trying to find a googlemaps/mapquest-like site that specialized in non-North American car travel. It has: quickest, shortest, economical and sight seeing settings.
While I have not yet used the site, I hope to in a quasi-near future.
Although, I recently (at least tentatively) changed my itinerary for Ireland to no longer include any stops at the Ring of Kerry or Cliffs of Moher - which is what I initially needed international driving directions for.
I'm hoping to check out the tourist sites I missed on my last Irish trip when my bf can go since he wants to go to the Emerald Isle too at some point.
After Ireland/Iceland, my next (tentatively) planned trip is a which case I won't need driving directions. But, eventually I'll be able to review via michelin - maybe when I go to my friend's wedding in India in a year or so....


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