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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Wettest and Driest Areas in the U.S.

We had a pretty wet year until recently. It snowed - a lot. Then rained- alot. Now, it's pretty dry and the thermometer's mercury is up - a lot.
So, all this made we wonder.....(other than if Al Gore was right about Global Warming)....where are the rainiest cities in the country?
According to a San Francisco-based WeatherBill study, the wettest areas may not be where you'd think. For example, Seattle is nowhere to be seen on the top 10 list.
1. Mobile, Alabama - with 67 inches average rainfall, 59 average annual rainy days
2. Pensacola, Florida – 65 in, 56 days
3. New Orleans
4. West Palm Beach
5. Lafayette, La
6. Baton Rouge, La
7. Miami, Fl
8. Port Arthur, Tx
9. Tallahassee, Fl
10. Lake Charles, La
The study is based on the findings from 195 cities in 48 lower states, over a 30-year period.
Though, Olympia had the most rainy days on average (63) for the 30 years.
Cities in Alaska and Hawaii had more than 100 inches of rain but were not in the study.
Meanwhile, the driest areas were California, Montana, Nevada, and Arizona, with Las Vegas as the driest city.


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