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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you had not heard (like me) Dakota Steakhouse closed

This weekend begins my wedding season (4 weddings in 5 weeks - that May be a record for me - at least last year there were six spread out over seven months). And what better way to kick off this blessed time of year than with my best friend's dress fitting at Yvonnes?
Being me, I was (very) late to the fitting but saw the pictures, and the dress, which looked stunning on my friend before, looks even better now. I was on time, however, for the post-fitting lunch - which I initially didn't plan to go to but figured it would be fun since I hadn't seen my friend for a few weeks while she's been in Maine making the final preparations for the Aug. 13 event (aka the singledom finale).
We weren't sure where to go to lunch so I suggested Dakota Steakhouse. It's actually where another one of my friends last year had her dinner rehearsal too. We get there and the parking lot is completely empty. A sign is still up for the establishment and another one says "Lunch Served."
As it turned out, a man was coming out of the building as we were about to leave and I asked if they were open. He said they closed about a week ago.
I apparently need to keep more up to date on these things since it was reported last week that it was part of a bankruptcy agreement and about 50 people lost their jobs pretty suddenly at the business which had been open in Latham since 1994.
We went to Pizzeria Uno instead. Not quite the same thing can't argue with a deep dish pizza.


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