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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good Guy, that Gavin

The assault on Gavin DeGraw, and subsequent cancellation at SPAC, reminded me of when I randomly met him in NYC a few years back. I seem to have a knack at stumbling into celebrities, randomly.
At the time, not sure if it's the case now, he owned kind of a hole in the wall bar - but with good music - in the Village. My friends and I were roaming around when one of the bouncers at a bar we passed said Gavin was playing inside.
We took the bait and went in.
I, personally, observed him for a bit and eventually got up the courage (*achem* possibly due to drinking too much) to at least go up and say Hi. He was very friendly (and possibly a little/very drunk himself).
It's a shame that things like what happened this weekend to this jovial person have to happen at all.
If you haven't seen him in concert, I'd recommend it. Or maybe just walk around the Village til you hear a familiar singer/musician.


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