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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Things are looking up....

...well, for me anyway. Not sure about most east coast residents. I actually have an uncle who just moved to a beach house in Delaware too. My thoughts are with my uncle, my aunt, and the millions of others being affected by this....*achem* know what, named after you know who.

Today, in Troy, it's a bit hazy but no real signs of a hurricane yet. It's not expected up here until tomorrow anyway.

BUT, I re-booked my Iceland Express flight! My canceled flight has weighed heavily on my mind since I found out earlier this week. It's the first time this had happened to me and I was worried it would be time-consuming and expensive to change flights.

I tried calling yesterday but didn't quite make it during Icelandic business hours. The message on the phone didn't really help either, it just said the the hours they were open and then disconnected.

So, I made sure to call as early as possible today (in Danielleland, that ended up being around 11:30am) and I didn't get the same message (yay) but....I was 24th in line. I then put my phone on speakerphone and went to my laptop to try once more to re-book online, which I had been unsuccessful with before.

To my surprise, someone answered the phone in probably under 10 minutes. She initially spoke in Icelandic and I think that was my first experience with the language - I'm realizing I should probably pick up some books in the library about the country and language before I leave.

In a thick but understandable accent, she asked for the basics: my booking number (which I accidentally mistook for my old flight number but then read the right figures), my name and the flight I wanted to change to.

Easy-peazy. And, within just three minutes, I was off the phone and received my confirmation of the new flight via email. With no extra charges.

Now I can go back to more important things like figuring out if there are any visa restrictions in Belfast. And....the Austin Powers marathon my boyfriend is having this weekend now that he has the new blu-rays.


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