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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My last night in Iceland

Well, it's the last night of my trip calves still hurt. This time from walking around Reykjavik. (The j, by the way, is pronounced as a "y")

It was a full day. On the Golden Circle tour, I - along with 36 other tourists from a total of 19 countries - walked from the North American tectonic plate to the Eurasian one. From there, we saw a pretty big waterfall. It actually kinda reminded me of the Cohoes Falls only just a tad bigger and with two levels.

I tried a lamb soup while talking with a guy I met from California. I kept hearing that the country's lamb was something I had to have before I left and I'm glad I did. It was probably the best lamb I've had - and it was only in a soup. Though, anything hot after being blasted by water and wind would have been awesome at that point.

Following this, we went through a nearby national park and saw snow covered mountains in the distance and a few volcanoes. I keep hearing one of them has been rumbling recently. I was also told most volcanoes are named after women because they erupt like women and get large like women. Let's hope I wasn't right about that volcanic eruption while I'm here.

We also saw a volcanic area with hot springs and geysirs - actually one of them was named Geysir and I'm told this is where the natural wonders get their name from.

Lastly, we saw a large crater formed from a magma chamber in an old volcano.

It was a full day and I finally made it to the geothermal pool near my hostel which was definitely needed. While there, I met two more Americans.

Reflecting on the people I've met, there's definitely been more interactions with Americans than non-Americans. I guess, it's nice being able to easily converse with someone. And it's nice talking with someone who knows that saying you're from New York does not always mean the Big Apple.

I'll miss it here though - especially the naturally heated pools. But, it'll be nice to see familiar faces and places soon too.


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