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Thursday, November 10, 2011

EZ Pass: The Legend Continues

So, I may have spoken too soon when I blogged before about everything being worked out with EZ Pass.
Apparently, it will take more than a written appeal, a 30 minute phone call, 20 minutes on hold, and a second call to finalize my bill of $5.25 - which, did I mention, I have already paid.
After paying a bill (they sent me the wrong violation number so I paid someone else's bill) and trying to straighten everything out, they have still sent me two more bills instead of transferring the money and/or refunding me the money so I could pay them again on the right account. Because there is no way I'm paying twice for this, who knows if they'd ever reimburse me.
So, I called the EZ Pass folks again today and, while I was not on the phone for 30 minutes this time, it wasn't much help either...they told me to call back in 7 days.
This is getting kinda ridicules....
I repeat...all of this for....$5.25.
I may follow my boyfriend's advice when I call back and ask for the supervisor - if there is one.


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