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Friday, May 11, 2012

Children Become Bored on Family Trips Within 30 Minutes

You can blame ADHD. You can blame our children's need for constant amusement. But in the end I think kids are kids and there will always be an "Are we there yet?" or "I have to pee" within five minutes of any family trip.

According to a recent TomTom poll of 5,000 moms across the world, children tend to get antsy just within the first 27 minutes of a trip. And, from what I can tell, it seems their attention span is only getting worse since just last year the figure was averaged at 31 minutes (this was reported in the UK).

Though the most up to date study says it really depends on the country.

An excerpt from today's story:
"...children in Australia get bored the quickest at 23 minutes while American children display a bit more patience, with boredom kicking in at 30 minutes. Children from New Zealand appear to be the most patient, and will tolerate up to 34 minutes before their patience wanes."

Makes you want to buy one of those vans equipped with two TVs, huh? Or, really, the good old license plate game or alphabet game or flag game always worked for myself and my siblings as kids. Well, for about 30 minutes anyway.


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