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Monday, May 6, 2013

Lake George's Sagamore Resort Now Open Year-Round

I heard about this on the radio the other day.

I have this funny, almost OCD, ritual of trying to leave my apartment at the top or bottom of the hour so I can hear YNN's 900AM "News in  Minute" streamed from their TV format, then I listen to 810 WGY's news sum, and end with Talk 1300's. The Jockey's 101.3 also has decent news, and I like the 105.7 entertainment news at the 15/45s of the hour.

But that's probably more than you needed to know about radio news in the Albany area. So, we'll continue with our already in progress blog about the Sagamore...

I have to admit I am not very familiar with The Sagamore. Without Google's help, I know it's a large resort on the shores of Lake George in Bolton Landing. That's about it.

Another thing I now know - since opening for the season on May 3, the resort will remain a year-round facility.

The Post Star did a good article on it here where they also discuss how employees recently laid off will be asked to return due to the expected increase in work.

(photos from the Sagamore site)

After a quick peek at The Sagamore site, I did find it interesting how the island they're on was called Green Island, not unlike the Albany County municipality.

Notable visitors of the hotel include Richard Nixon and Thomas Dewey, who attended a conference there in 1954.

There are 137 rooms in the resort and the price range appears to be about $200 per night (for a King bed) to $645 per night (for a two-bedroom lakeview condo). Other stay options include suites and lofts with kitchenettes.

The hotel was mentioned in CNN Travel's Best U.S. Hotel Pools guide late last month (and with that view - I see why).

(photo from CNN Travel's site)

The 1883 Sagamore is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. They've also recently done some upgrades at the site.


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