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Friday, May 24, 2013

Pets on Amtrak May Soon Become a Reality

A bill introduced by a California lawmaker would pave the way for pets to be allowed on Amtrak cars, providing they can be stowed in a container that fits the railroad business' carry on requirements, according to ABC news.

The pet owner would be restricted to traveling up to 750 miles with their furry loved one and would also have to pay an undetermined fee, continued the report filed on Thursday.

Then, those pets too big for carry on containers could be stored in the luggage cars - similar to when flying.

As it stands now, only service dogs for people with disabilities are allowed on Amtrak trains. Not even police dogs are allowed, unless with Amtrak police, according to the Amtrak site.

(I wish I could take credit for this photo. But it's from

And not everyone is happy about it. Sure, people love animals. But up to 750 miles with a barking dog or a cat going crazy in his/her carrying case - well, it could be worse than a screaming baby.

I, personally, do think this is something that is do-able. But, maybe kind of like the Prague metro car just for singles, they may need to separate one car on each train for pets or people who won't mind being around a pet for a possible long period of time.

As for a comment from Amtrak, media outlets are reporting that they say they're "reviewing the proposal."


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