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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Prague Metro Creating a Car Just for Single People

I initially clicked on the video link to watch a segment on Combat Juggling (yep, it's a real thing), but I'm glad I kept watching the video following since the idea of a car on subway lines for single people is kinda brilliant.

The Prague Metro is working on instituting a subway car just for singles. Here's the video.

Sure, the usual thought of metros is a dark, sometimes quasi-sketchy place (don't get me started on the Rome, Italy Metro) where people very rarely talk - let alone look up from their book, magazine, Kindle, iPhone, iPod, or thumb-twiddling. Yeah, people don't like to interact on subways. It's a fact.

But...I think people, in general, do like to interact so having a designated car to meet singles could work. In fact, I think it would work.

(from the Prague Metro Website)

Considering Prague is still on my to-go list, if I were still single, I'd probably go to check it out.

I look forward to reading how it goes over there and maybe it'll migrate to other subway systems around the world.


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