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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Best Job in the World? Chief World Explorer

Well, this is MY dream job. And, I'm not going to lie, I already know what I'm going to say for the 60-second video/application I'm going to submit sometime before Sept. 15.

Here's part of the description from Jauntaroo for their job opening:
"One extraordinary candidate will visit destinations around the world, create content for Jauntaroo and share the incredible experiences through social media and webisodes. As if relaxing on beaches and uncovering fascinating cultures weren't enough, we'll pay you $100,000 to do it!"

Pretty much, you'll get a six figure salary AND get to visit between 30 and 50 countries in one year.

When I read the original headline on LinkedIn about a "dream job" it reminded me instantly of the 2009 island caretaker deal - which I forgot to apply for. (though I guess some islands are still looking) Apparently, the Jauntaroo modeled the job off of that due to the huge popularity and exponential increase in web hits. And it worked - they've probably gotten at least 100 hits just from me in the past couple hours.

Seriously though, I'll tell you this much - this time I'm not forgetting to apply.

Here's more details.


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