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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chinese Pod Hotel

It's an attack of the pod people. Er...pod hotel.
(Maybe that's where the pod people switch your body?)

This actually sounds like a pretty cool idea. For just $10 you get a bed, TV, and wifi. All conveniently located in a bed-sized pod.

The capsule hotel is not a new idea. It seems to have originated in Japan in the 1970s. And there's some interesting etiquette associated with using this form of accomodation.These popular capsules are between $30 and $50 in Japan (which seems kinda steep actually).

But it is now taking off in China at a cheaper rate.

(from a story on the Bennington Banner site)

Don't let the Pod Hotel in NYC fool you. It's not quite the same small style - but certainly looks swankily non-spacious. Same for Pod 51 Hotel. And the Yotel. They all sound like pretty cool alternatives to a regular overpriced NYC hotel room though (but still are around $200/night).

I wouldn't mind seeing the pod possibility in the US. It'd be kinda like a sci-fi hostel.


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