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Friday, August 9, 2013

Swimming Holidays

I guess I never really thought about revolving an entire trip around swimming (well, except that one time I thought about swimming the English Channel - which I still kinda want to do).

I mean, I enjoy places where I can swim - like the cruise in February hit the spot since I could swim in the ship's pools, at beaches and waterfalls in St. Maarten and the Dominican Republic, and I participated in - and won - a synchronized swimming competition on the cruise...possibly due to my swimming partners being two really cute little girls.

(Swimming near the Mirabella catamaran after snorkeling off the coast of St. Maarten)

In any case, swimming holidays may be more of a British thing - or at least a non-US thing. But, as a former competitive swimmer, I can appreciate the idea. Though, the "swimming holiday" of renting a beach house and going there for a week is nice too. ;)

"The Guardian" put out this list of Top Swimming Holidays. Locations include Croatia, Egypt, Greece, and even a couple in the U.S. like Lake Powell in Arizona and the Little Red Lighthouse Swim in NYC.

There are actually a bunch of swimming events in the city, which I really need to start checking out. Ya know, if I ever actually do want to swim the English Channel.


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