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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buzzfeed's List of Military-Tested Tropical Islands

I've recently gotten into the habit of reading Buzzfeed on a quasi-daily basis. They're definitely amusing - and there's just something about a good, well-illustrated list that I love (and it seems I'm not alone).

One of their lists from today made me think about a documentary the bf and I just watched on Netflix called: "Secrets of the Dead - The World's Biggest Bomb." It's about bomb testing at an island called Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, approximately 3,000 mile west of Hawaii.

(the Island of Culebra, photo from Buzzfeed)

Know where that island is today? At the bottom of the ocean. A hydrogen bomb in 1951 blew the island up.

But (most of) these islands, as listed on the Buzzfeed list "12 Beautiful Islands the US Military Has Tested Weapons On", are still around. They also include Bikini Atoll.


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