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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Perspective on Jauntaroo's Chief World Explorer

Chances are that if you are one of my 3,080 Facebook friends, or 1,734 Twitter followers, you have probably gotten a message from me in the past week requesting that you vote/"like" my video for the Jauntaroo Chief World Explorer position.

(It's not spam. I swear.)

You can still vote here.

With 854 "likes" tallied in the past seven days, I appreciate that many of you have supported my effort and - I hope -will continue to vote until Oct. 1.

This application for the "Best Job Around the World" has already given me a new perspective on my life, my current career, and my determination.

Honestly, with my travel experiences - like a solo Eurorail trip following my study abroad in London, getting a travel grant to see the ancient city of Troy in Turkey, my 19-day U.S. cross country trip with my brother and a good friend, doing a high school student exchange in Germany and hosting a student here, and my extensive travel purely for weddings alone - I really thought I was a fairly well-traveled person. But everything is relative.

There are some excellent candidates applying for this. Some that popped out for me include: Adelle Drahos, a filmmaker who recently documented a trip across the US; Abi Lieve (I Can Fly C.), who made it to the top 25 choices for another Best Job in the World; Graham H., who has documented his travels to more than 200 countries over four years without flying to any of them; and, of course, Suzie H., who has "re-branded" her digital self as @Jauntarista. I also really enjoy Chris T.'s entertaining video, and you can't help but be impressed that Tomislav P. has 45,900 votes and counting.

Perspective is everything in life. And it was very cool seeing the world and experiences through these videos.

I travel because I like to learn about how very different and yet how very similar someone living halfway around the world can be compared to myself. I like getting outside my comfort zone and looking through the lens of a new perspective - which, with more than 2,700 Chief World Explorer applicants, I was able to do without even leaving my desk.

I'd like to thank Jauntaroo for giving everyone this opportunity to share who we all are. Good luck to all the applicants.I know whoever ends up being hired will have an amazing experience that I hope to also experience - either first-hand or through another perspective.

And, to my 1,150 LinkedIn connections and the tens of thousands friends of friends on Facebook, may be getting a couple - Non-Spam, I swear - messages in your inbox in the coming days.


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