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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Jersey Shore Strife with Dune Proposal

What would you do?

You own beachfront property with a great view of the ocean, a property maybe your family has had for years and you enjoy your time there and the community around it.

But then you're asked to sign an easement to allow your property to be used for a giant sand dune project proposed to help with upcoming hurricane seasons to prevent future damage, as seen in the aftermath of recent superstorms. Without this dune, new issues seem certain for all the homeowners, including yourself.

Now, you are all but being forced to sign the easement but you remain vigilant and hold the belief that it is your decision and your property. Now your neighbors get involved by not talking to you anymore and even putting dog poop in your mailbox, your state governor gets involved and says he has no sympathy for what you're going through, and even your grocer gets involved and has a sign saying you can't shop there anymore.

And the local government is starting the process of eminent domain.

So, what would you do?

Here's the NYT story on what 1,000 homeowners are currently going through along 35-miles of the New Jersey shore.


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