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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Travel Tidbits: An Underwater hotel room and an overweight man denied entrance on Eurostar

Today in Travel News:

A lone hotel room with the Manta Resort offers travelers the ability to have a hotel room that drifts in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania. While there is a sundeck, lounge area, bathroom and area above water, the sleeping quarters are underwater. It looks like this was announced earlier this month on a resort blog. The cost of this experience: $750 per person a night. More information can be found here. And reservations can be made by emailing:

(photo from

A man who was in the U.S. for medical treatments has been trying to get back home to France for two weeks but has been unable to due to his size. At 500-pounds, Frenchman Kevin Chenais,22, has been denied entry on planes, a cruise ship and most recently the Eurostar train which connects the UK with France. But, according to The Star, he'll finally be getting home by ferry.


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