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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Brunch and Beer: At the Man of Kent

It's almost the weekend and we all know what that means...Brunch! (I love brunch. Brunchy, brunch, brunch.)

My bf and I have been finding ourselves in some delicious spots lately. Most recently, at the Man of Kent - a quaint English-style pub, founded by a man named John from England (Guess where he's from in England. I'll give you one guess.) and now run by another man named John from the U.S.

The tavern was a place *my* Jon and I had wanted to go to for years. We were always driving to Vermont for breweries, road trips, friends, etc but never seemed to have time to stop at this establishment which literally is in the middle of the woods along Route 7 in Hoosick Falls.

One recent Saturday, we finally made the time and I'm glad we did.

We were a tad overwhelmed when we first stepped through their bright red door. There was a line of people and it was kinda in between lunch and dinner so I was a bit surprised - maybe others had the same brunch idea? I think the main reason for this, however, was that it really is a quaint (read: small) place. I don't think I counted much more than ten tables surrounding the small wooden bar - which I was told used to be the bar at the Trojan Hotel in downtown Troy.

But the tavern was prepared for a possible wait. A wooden bench eventually opened up where I waited with my Strongbow cider - my UK go-to since I was in London when I first had it. Jon had Old Speckled Hen, which was a special of the day for $5.25 for 20oz.

Their beer selection, including 16 draft and 130 imported, was about three pages long with a funny section on the back dedicated to beers labeled as "Also" - this mainly included the Amstels, Buds, Coors,etc. for about $4.25.

While waiting, I was able to admire the extensive collection of sports flags and scarves that covered the walls and ceiling of the wooden framed structure perched nearby a creek. There is also an outdoor patio that is open in warmer months.

After about 20 minutes, the waitress led us to a table that was actually within arms length of the bench where I had been sitting. I was a bit disappointed since I had heard the view from the back windows was nice but decided to drown my dismay in comfort food. Creamy mac and cheese with tomatoes to be exact, with a piece of fresh bread to sop up the extra cheese.

Jon had a burger. It medium-rare though nothing else about the burger could really be described as "medium". It was a large, juicy piece of meat. The prices for everything were more than reasonable.

We did not have dessert but there were some good options. (I'm a sucker for a good bread pudding)

While we did not meet the owner (or past owner), we were told both are extremely amusing men and worth the drive to visit - it's about 20 minutes from Troy.

The Man of Kent (MOK) is located at 4452 Route 7 in Hoosick Falls. Hours: Opens at 11 a.m. Mon. through Sat. and Noon on Sunday.


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