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Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 8 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Shouldn't Be Considered A Day Off

I love the holiday season as much as the next person but it takes a lot of planning and work to have a fun, successful Thanksgiving (or Christmas for that matter). And it is because of this that I think Turkey Day should not be considered a "day off".
Here are my reasons for this...


You think you're going the opposite way as most of the traffic? Think again. Everyone is going over the river and through the woods...


Years like this remind us that, in the end, we really are at the mercy of Mother Nature when it comes to plans.


You think it's fun to cook a meal for 10 people? On a day off? That's eight hours of work alone.

Short Week, More Work

With most having Thanksgiving off and many having Friday off, that means more work for Monday through Wednesday. And, if you don't have Friday off, heaven forbid you call out that day.

Small Talk

It takes effort to come up with a year's worth of small talk with relatives over the course of a few hours.


You think that pie will eat itself? That takes stamina to eat a whole meal - with seconds - and then go in for dessert.

Waking Up Early

Whether it's for driving, doing the Turkey Trot, or Black Friday, you're likely waking up earlier than you would even for work or the gym. Way earlier.


Speaking of Black Friday, that can be a total investment of several hours with looking at ads, finding parking, waiting in lines, and taking the Tae Kwon Do classes during the year to learn to defend yourself at Walmart.

Total - by my estimates - Thanksgiving is at least 16 hours of work.

But I guess there is one thing that makes it all worth while....


I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.


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