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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cruise Fees

I was going to book it. I really was. And then a $22 one-night cruise from NYC became $113.

Sure, $113 per person for food, accommodations and entertainment is still a decent deal but it's a far cry from the advertised $22 special for the Norwegian Gem.

The deceptive devil in the details in this case is from the government taxes and fees which amount to $183, even though the cost for two people on the cruise is initially stated to be $44. So, the total for an interior cabin ends up being about $228. Again - that is *no* $22/person.

But, for people who might be interested in a one-night cruise on a luxurious cruise ship, there are trips leaving Jan. 10, Feb. 7, and March 7 from NYC. The itinerary includes leaving port at 6pm and then arriving back at shore again at 7am (which, to me, seems a bit early).

There are also two night cruises from NYC coming up Jan. 17 and Jan. 31.

Though, instead of paying $113 per person for a one-night cruise, I would recommend saving that and getting a longer one - to a warmer place.


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