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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NYC Airports Makeover no longer Delayed

In his State of the State address today, Gov. Andrew Cuomo talked about how the state will do renovations at JFK and LaGuardia.

He talked about how Vice President Joe Biden, in his recent visit, said that the state of the airports currently was not up to par and Cuomo firmly agreed.

Cuomo even pointed out today that LaGuardia was ranked as the worst airport in the U.S. (And JFK was ranked 4th worst.) He said this was a "disgrace" and "unacceptable". So, plans include the state making needed renovations and modernizing the facilities.

When New Jersey's Newark is ranked higher than New York (not much higher, mind you), it's just wrong. And, I agree, must change.

Update: LaGuardia will undergo a $3.6 Billion makeover


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