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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It is cold.

It was one-degree this morning. One degree. Now it's a balmy 4-degrees.

I actually like winter and snow (well, besides driving in it). Every year, I look forward to sledding and XC skiing and falling on my butt while trying to ice skate.

I XC skied to work once last year. I would have done it more (I live less than a mile from work and it's all flat) but weather conditions never really cooperated.

This year weather conditions are definitely cooperating but it's frickin' freezing. I walked home last night in my extremely warm L.L. Bean winter coat and even in that I was cold.

But, I must remind myself, it could always be worse. The world's coldest recorded temperature on record was -135.8 degrees in Antarctica in 2010.

Since the temperatures are expected to increase to the 40s this weekend, I'm hoping to XC ski at least once this work week. I'm assuming road/alley conditions will cooperate since Troy still hasn't declared a snow emergency.
(See my #DeSnowTroy social media campaign to convince Troy to do a snow emergency for various reasons - it may not be ideal for XC skiing but it'd be nice to be able to park near my house and not worry about getting stuck in a snowbank or hit by a car.)


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