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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Troy Food Truck Festival Cancelled Due to Weather

The Food Truck Festival slated for this Friday (May 16) is cancelled due to severe weather and a 90 percent chance of rain in the forecast.
The festival was planned to take place at Riverfront Park in Troy from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
From talking with friends who work and live in Troy, some were not a fan of the event taking place on a Friday as opposed to the weekend but - after I thought about it for a while - I kinda dug the idea since it would be a fun happy hour-type event....enjoying food and the waterfront on a Friday evening. That is, weather-permitting.

(from WGNA site)

The event, sponsored/organized by the city of Troy and Townsquare Lifestyle Events, does not have a rain location. I mean, where exactly could you hold a large event with multiple trucks inside?
While I love the idea of food truck festivals, the stars really do need to align to have a nice event. You need perfect weather, and a proper amount of trucks for the crowd size.
Take last year's festival into consideration:
1) Once again, weather --- It was Hot, scorching. Like, I have a horrible memory and even I remember how hot it was last year. In fact, I think I started my base tan of the season at that May event.
2) You need a lot of food trucks to handle the crowd (estimated at 4,500 last year). I remember going early and not having any issues with lines last year. But, a couple hours later, many of my friends said they had to wait in line for an hour or more, and that many of the trucks had either closed by then or had run out of their most popular fare. Last year, there were about a dozen trucks. I'm not sure of the number this year.
I also went to a food truck festival in Saratoga Springs recently where I waited in line for about 40 minutes for one slider. That was my own fault. If I had realized I would be waiting that long, I would not have put the order in.
A friend and I were talking on Facebook last week about food trucks and, honestly, no item is worth more than a 30 minute wait. She felt that even 15 to 20 minutes was too much.
So, at a food truck festival - where you're trying to attract a lot of people and showcase your food - it's hard to find that balance between an extremely annoyed and a satisfied customer. As I said, I love the idea of the food truck festivals but they're hard to pull off.
I know I read somewhere that a local blogger had tips about how to survive and thrive at a food truck festival (by mainly having multiple people wait in multiple lines and deciding on your priority foods) but I can't seem to find the link at this time.
There is silver lining to the coming gray clouds....
In lieu of the Troy Food Truck Festival, there are a couple other options this weekend including the St. Sophia annual Greek Festival in Albany and the World's Largest Spring Yard Sale in Ballston Spa.


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