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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My blog's 4 year anniversary

I honestly can't believe it's been four years since I started blogging about life, with a focus on travel.

I started as a "twenty-something" who had traveled to about two dozen countries and now I'm a "thirty-something" who has been to about 30 countries and about that many U.S. states as well. I started with hair down to my butt and now it's just above my shoulders with bangs. (yeah, I gotta change my profile pic here on my blog)

Over the years, some of the more popular blogs have included my posts about the Albany Birthday Freebies and the Albany Speakeasy. People apparently like alcohol - that's definitely something I've learned over the years as I've inadvertently become our unofficial beer/alcohol correspondent.

Some of my favorite posts have been a bit closer to my  heart like my Seuss-ized op-ed about the National Parks being closed last year.

My very first blog was about camping and not much has changed since then. I still love the outdoors and writing about them. As part of some of my summer plans, I'll be visiting Acadia National Park for the first time this holiday weekend with my boyfriend and hope to share some beautiful experiences.

My last post before this one was about rock climbing at a local indoor facility. I've recently been making more of an effort to stay active again, so you'll probably notice more of these kinds of posts in the future about yoga, Zumba, Pilates, etc.

Thank you for joining me on my cross-country road trip, on my friend's Northern Ireland wedding, on another friend's wedding in Colorado, on a cruise, to places like Martha's Vineyard, and interesting local businesses, venues and activities.

I've appreciated being able to write about some pretty amazing places - whether they've been a thousand miles away or a thousand feet away - and I hope you've enjoyed reading and interacting with me here, on Twitter and on Facebook. It's safe to say we're not done yet.


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