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Friday, May 8, 2015

Craft Beer Brewing with Hot Glass with Brewery of Broken Dreams, Corning Glassblowers

CORNING, NY – How often do you get a chance to witness, live and in person, something that has never been done before? Well, you'll have that chance from 5:00-8:00pm on May 16th, 2015 which is when Corning will be home for yet another innovative glass experience. Only this time, hot glass will be used to create something tatsy. Craft beer!
As part of Finger Lakes Craft Beer Week, Douglass Schuckers, brewer at The Brewery of Broken Dreams in Hammondsport, is collaborating with local glass artist Rodi Rovner and the crew of talented glassblowers at Hands-On Glass Studio in Corning to create a new style of beer – Glas Bier – using a method that doesn’t appear to have ever been done before. Anywhere!
Leave it to the folks in America’s “Crystal City” to put a hot glass twist on the traditional method of brewing Stein Bier. Imagine brewing beer by using a material hotter than volcanic lava!
Of course, Douglass and Rodi are bringing in the expertise of brewer Pelham McLellan and chef John Paul Burris from Market Street Brewing Company to make this event even more special. The first craft brewery in Steuben County, the Brewpub hasmastered the art of crafting delicious brews and tasty meals making it a pillar of Corning’s Historic District for 18 years.
In addition to a never-been-done-before live hot-glass brewing demonstration, the event will feature special hors d'oeuvres from the Brewpub, as well as tastings of select brews from Market Street Brewing Company and The Brewery of Broken Dreams, and each attendee will receive a commemorative glass sun catcher courtesy of Hands-On Glass.
There will also be live music and a free shuttle service to and from the event and Market Street Brewing. 
With a background in ceramic engineering and a career working for Corning Incorporated, a world leader in glass technology, it makes sense that Douglass would envision putting a twist on the traditional methods of brewing Stein Bier by tapping into the rich history of glassblowing found here in America’s “Crystal City.”.
Tickets to this one-of-a-kind premiere event are limited to the first 75 people. Advance tickets are available for only $40.00 thruMay 13th. After May 13th ticket prices will be $50. The event which will run from 5:00-8:00pm on May 16th and includes shuttle service to and from Hands-On Glass and Market Street Brewing Company.
To learn more about Hot Glass! Cool Brew! or to get your tickets for this event, visit or call Market Street Brewing Company(607) 936-2337, The Brewery of Broken Dreams (607) 224-4050, or Hands-On Glass Studio (607) 962-3044.


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