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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Grown Up Egg Hunt Looking for Benefiting Charities for 5th Annual Event in 2016

Do you know a charity organization that does good work in the community? Refer them to be a benefiting team member for the 5th Annual Grown Up Egg Hunt.

Every year, the Grown Up Egg Hunt in Troy benefits two deserving charitable, community-oriented organizations. We always like to have one medical issue and one community-focused charity annually. We're looking for a Capital District-centric organization to help in April 2016.

Let your favorite local non-profits know about this opportunity and refer them to this site. Anyone can apply but read the information below to see what we're particularly looking for.

Thank you.

Consideration for your organization to be a benefiting team member for the 5th Annual Grown Up Egg Hunt
Please answer the questions below as thoroughly and accurately as possible. Completed applications are due by August 31. Answers will be reviewed by our committee. The successful applicant will be notified by September 30.
For this application, our committee is especially looking for a local, lesser-known non-profit (preferably a 501 (c) (3) )  that focuses on helping the Capital District and its communities, including but not limited to Troy.

1)      Explain your organization’s mission.
2)      How would you plan to utilize the donated funds?
3)      Do you have any goals for how much you would like to see raised/donated? Explain.
4)      What resources and supplies would you be able to provide for the event and leading up to the event? (ie volunteers, committee leaders, supplies for the event)

Since its inception in 2012, the Grown Up Egg Hunt has donated a total of more than $30,000 to charitable organizations. In 2015, the over $10,000 raised was split between three charities, including one community historic art project, a medical issue, and a community emergency that took place two days prior to the event.
This year’s Grown Up Egg Hunt had over 450 people attend, nearly 20 sponsors, and 165 businesses donate. The inaugural year had about 70 participants and raised $700 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The event, promoting charitable childhood fun for those over 21, brings out everyone’s imagination with new activities and ideas added annually.
We’d like to emphasize that even if your organization is not picked to receive part of the proceeds, our committee is always interested in partnering with local causes that provide good services to the community. Partnerships could include having a table at the event and sharing information online via social media.
In your application, please also include verification (like a signature) from your organization's leader that the application has been authorized.
Completed applications can be sent to:
Grown Up Egg Hunt
Attn: Karen Jamack
35 Old River Rd.
Glenmont, NY 12077

Any questions regarding the event or this application can be referred to Danielle Sanzone at or 518-461-7911.


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