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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let the Olympic Travel Planning Begin…

I don’t know about you, but ever since I heard the 2012 Summer Olympics were going to be held in London I knew I wanted to go. These thoughts resurfaced today when I saw the Olympic schedule had been announced.
College friends and I had made a pact to go. But now, years and years have passed and I’m not too sure where those plans stand (since all of those friends are going to be married by the end of this summer, one of them is the friend getting married in Northern Ireland this fall).
In my social heyday, I always prided myself on sticking to plans no matter what – even if it meant driving in five inches of snow in the Adirondack Mountains or attending six parties in one night (both of which I have done).
Throughout these years since the pact, I added my own promise to myself: that I would attempt to swim the 21-miles of the English Channel while I was over in England for the Olympics.
But, like with my friends, things have changed. During my recent swimming training, my left arm hurts pretty consistently. I’m hoping some stretches and exercises that a trainer recommended will help eventually.
So, much like a javelin thrown into the air by an Olympian with all the hopes that it will go far enough…I’m just not sure where I’ll be or where I’ll land come next summer.
But, I really hope I can go the distance.


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