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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am the Greatest Travel Packer in the World....kinda

I’m a little behind on this (it’s been a hectic week in the education beat at work), but I really enjoyed participating in the World’s Greatest Travel Packer contest at the Yankee Trails Travel Expo last week at Siena College.
I can be a little competitive, sometimes, so I left some tweets and Facebook messages to psych out Kelly Lynch, who I knew was also participating. We were joined by a mystery packer who was randomly chosen from the 200-plus people in the audience.
My strategy was to go in rolling items up but there were a lot of odd items – snow pants, a hat, a golf club, a water bottle. And, we had to discern what could and could not be packed in a carry-on according to flight regulations.
Kelly had what seemed to be the same strategy (or as me and Mr. Bush like to say, strategery), only she was carrying it out a lot better than I.
As far as time was concerned, I came in second but apparently the expert judges thought my bag was overall neat and well-organized (now if only my work desk reflected this), so Kelly and I tied for first place.
The best part, other than actually packing because I actually do love packing suitcases – weird, I know, is that money was donated to charity in our names.
The only question I have at this point is…who’s C-cup bra did I pack in the contest and why did they also have miniature Spongebob pjs?
Here's a video of the contest too. :)


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