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Thursday, February 24, 2011


As another winter squall is about to cover us - either in snow or ice - I wanted to start thinking happy, warm thoughts. My mind went to my summers spent lifeguarding at the Sand Lake Town Beach, and then I saw this fun list of beaches in famous, or at least quasi-famous, movies.
Not only did it take my mind off the weather, it gave me a new appreciation for writing the names of beaches that are in foreign languages (I'm looking at you Phi Phi Leh Beach).
If you think about it, how iconic is The Beach's backpacker's beach where Leo nearly goes crazy to get to and then does go crazy when he's shunned from it.
Or the beach where the famous Captain Jack Sparrow exclaims (and haven't we all said this at some point) "But, why is the rum gone?!" How cool would it be to actually say that, after drinking rum, on that beach?
I'm not as big of a fan of these rocky beaches, like in Twilight. Meh.

Phi Phi Leh, Thailand (The Beach)
Petit Tabac, Grenadines (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Kastani Beach, Greece (Mamma Mia)
Lumahai Beach, Hawii (South Pacific)
Cape St. Francis, South Africa (The Endless Summer)
Devil's Beach, Fiji (The Blue Lagoon)
Leo Carrillo Beach, California (Karate Kid)
Halona Cove, Hawaii (From Here to Eternity)
One&Only Ocean Club, Bahamas (Casino Royale)
Indian Beach, Oregon (Twilight)


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