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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just Keep Swimming...

So, I went swimming today for the first time since January. I'll be honest, just driving over to the YMCA I was very nervous. The last time I attempted to do laps the pain in my left arm was too much and I gave up after a few hundred yards. Not nearly as many laps as I should be doing if I ever expect to do the English Channel next year or ever.

This time started about the same. My left arm hurt but not as bad as before. I've been trying to stregthen the muscles that I think I sprained before. Even though the pain was not as bad I couldn't help but focus on it while I was swimming.

I'm not the type of person who pops pills to get rid of pain. I'm the type who listens to my body and tries to realize when I'm doing too much.

Still, I really missed swimming so I started to focus on other things - my side breathing, my kicking, the blue tint of the water, the smell of the chlorine (one of my favorite smells, actually...which must be because I practically grew up in the water).

It was around this time - when I stopped thinking about my arm - that I started to feel better. Some people use running/jogging as their "me-time" and as a time to think. Well, swimming had always been that time for myself.

And that's when the woman in my swimming lane frog-kicked me in the gut.

The healing process hurts. But, there is healing and with that there is hope that I just may still reach my goal.


Blogger Robert said...

I like swimming for the same reason; it is my "me" time. I cannot understand a woman who goes swimming the same amount as I do listening to her underwater MP3 player. To me, that completely defeats one of the purposes of swimming, which, for me, is relaxation.

March 19, 2011 at 7:03 PM 

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